Stand With Iraqi Christians

What They Are Going Through

Who are Iraq's Christians and Why do They Need our Help?

As we know through the media, Christians all over Iraq are fleeing to the northern part of Iraq to escape the barbarity and cruelty of ISIS.

As refugees, Iraqi Christians face high unemployment, inadequate housing, schooling, and  medical care, food rationing, and discrimination.

These ancient Christian communities, some founded shortly after the life of Christ, are in danger of disappearing forever. The situation is becoming more desperate than ever, but there  is much we can do to help.
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What We're Doing to Help
Stand With Iraqi Christians-Radnor, PA.  One of our church members, Randy (Click here for Randy's story), lived and worked in Erbil, Iraq and told us first hand about this spiritual and humanitarian crisis. Aid from Christians or others around the world has been almost non-existent.

Our congregation is choosing to take action. Our priest, Father Chris Bishop, traveled to Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, in September/October, 2015 to deliver financial, emotional, and communications support to Christians now living in tents, abandoned buildings, and basements. Since his visit, we have been communicating with our new Iraqi friends through Facebook and Skype.  Our goal is to continue building an on-going relationship with these communities and to produce a film documenting their experiences. 

How can you help?

First, educate yourself about the plight of Iraq's Christians, through the resources available on this website. 

Second, please donate! (Where your donations will go) The refugees of Erbil are in desperate need!  

Third, reach out to the Christians of Iraq through our Facebook page (link is above).  There, you can write messages of love and support directly to our new friends!

Fr. Chris has made a documentary detailing his experiences meeting some of the displaced Christians of Iraq.  Check out the trailer below, and Contact Us if you would like to have a showing of the film for your organization.